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San Diego, California

"My life has changed ever since I met Niki French!  I can say that I know who I am  better ever after I had my Past Life Regression through Quantum Healing Hypnosis.

Everything in my day to day life makes so much more sense now. Including so many spiritual questions that I had pondered growing up in church and later pulling away to search for my own answers that didn't line up with what I had been taught. Even my health has been getting better every day since my session. 


I'm so grateful for her help in my journey at this point. My session helped me in so many ways and has been the best decision I have made thus far!

QHHT: Wendy- San Diego, CA 


"It was a life changing moment for me when I listened to my recording after my QHHT session with Niki. I definitely don't think I could have opened up the way I did with just anybody that I didn't absolutely feel comfortable with or think I could trust.


Niki was that for me, with making me feel immediately comfortable and relaxed from the moment our session started. She is truly an amazing human being with an incredible gift to heal people inside and out. I was so fortunate to have this experience with her and to find out so much about my life and myself. 

Because of Niki living her purpose, she gives this gift of learning what "your life purpose"  is to others and is the reason that I finally know what mine is!"

QHHT: Leah- La Jolla, CA

"This was my first experience with any type of hypnosis and went into it with a lot of questions and a very little idea of what to expect (which I think was better for me at least). 

Niki was amazing, the gift she has is apparent immediately. The consultation was more in depth than I thought it would be and she was incredibly supportive and attentive the whole way. We talked through the questions I had and she intuitively knew where to dig and where to expand, so I would be getting the fullest answers possible.

She explained each step ahead of time then again as we went through the session.
As I said, I had no real concept of what I would experience but it was nothing like I had ever imagined (I know that sounds cheesy), but for me at least it absolutely lived up to everything she promised and more! 

Niki was so professional and comfortable throughout the hours I was there. After my session she again explained the importance of listening to my recording and even gave me useful tips as far as meditation and continual healing techniques I could use on my own, which I started using right after that did help a lot.


After my session I knew what my purpose was and felt so much lighter and hopeful with the direction of my life. I can't even explain how amazing this experience was. I would 100% recommend her to anyone no matter what you're looking for or where you are in your journey."

QHHT: Hannah- San Diego, CA 

"Reiki has helped me so much while going through dialysis.

It's given me energy that I didn't have anymore to even start taking

my daughter to school each morning.

-Thank You Niki!"

Reiki: Maureen- San Diego, CA

More about Maureen's story-

"I got Reiki done by Niki for the first time ever in my life. I really didn't know what to expect, but I was desperate to start feeling better. I'm 34 years old, a wife and a Mom. I've been very sick the last couple years struggling from kidney failure and diabetes. The last 6 months I have been on dialysis getting home treatments and have just been drained and tired all of the time. 

After getting my first Reiki, I could tell the difference immediately. I did the Hypno- Reiki since my mind is always running with all of things you could imagine. The session was GREAT!!


I could feel heat coming from Niki's hands and warming different areas of my body. I was for once able to just relax and stop worrying about everything. She talked me through a little journey that had me connecting with the cells in my body to send healing to them, and filling my body up with love and light (I don't how it all works, but I just went with it following her voice).


After my session I did remember a lot of it. Even the part where I was able to release all the heaviness I had been carrying with worries and other things I've been bottling up inside of me. As soon as it was done, I felt more relaxed, lighter, and for sure had more energy than I could remember in a long time. 

After leaving my session, that whole following week I still had more energy. With feeling better, I was even able to drive my daughter to school every morning (which I hadn't been able to for awhile which has hurt my heart). For me that was such a big deal as anyone could imagine. I'm usually too tired from my treatments, and I know it had to be from the Reiki session. This in itself was such an amazing gift and therefore totally worth it!

Since that session, my family has been helping me to see Niki on a weekly basis to keep my energy up during my treatments (she even helped us with a great deal so I could continue them). Honestly, seeing her and getting these sessions has been life changing for me. I have been feeling better and better each week I leave from getting a session. 

I strongly recommend anyone to schedule a session with Niki. She is truly a beautiful person inside and out and has helped me and my family so much. We are grateful beyond words.  Thank you again Niki- our family loves you!"

Reiki: Maureen- San Diego, CA

"I had the pleasure of experiencing my QHHT hypnotherapy session with Niki French of San Diego, California.   As a first time experience, I found my session with Niki to be both rewarding and groundbreaking.  


From listening to my personal  history, Niki was able to help me better articulate and focus my questions on core areas that would inevitably help me with my personal growth.  Niki exhibited a great deal of wisdom and practicality in how she applied her groundwork in preparing me for my hypnosis session;  both in formatting my story and questions to most benefit me, and also in the care of removing any fear or anxiety I had going into the session (not knowing what I would uncover).  


If you are interested in QHHT- past life regressive , I would strongly urge you to contact Niki as I found her to be very professional and trustworthy, which made me feel confident going into this experience.  The session in itself was powerful. It helped bring many things to light that I would have not known about myself to help me heal in those areas and move on to a more positive way of life and thinking for myself."

QHHT: John B.- San Diego, CA

" My intuitive card reading was amazing and absolutely healing. I reached out to Niki to help bring clarity to a tremendously deep family question I've struggled with my entire life growing up. The reading brought me a sense of peace and understanding, and also gave me a new perspective on so much that can finally let my heart and mind rest easier.


Niki's knowledge and expertise positively surpassed all of my hopes and expectations. At the time I had my reading I lived on the East Coast and my husband I were contemplating a move. In the reading this was brought up and my questions were if this was possible, how it would happen, and when would it happen? 

Fast forward to now, we did move and now live in California where I grew up. Everything that came out of my reading happened, down to the month we would be moving. There were several times we thought we would be moving a month or two sooner, but every time something happened with my husband's job that delayed our plans.


Sure enough, the day we hit the road with our family to make the move; it dawned on me on our drive that my reading was right on even with this move (as I had got lost in the chaos of this big move and forgot all about my reading up until driving). Niki had said in my reading that we wouldn't be moving until after August, and she kept bringing up the number 5. It just so happened that we hit the road on August 2nd, and arrived in California on August 5th. After everything else she had told me I was already impressed, and this just topped it off!


After we got settled into our new home, I had to reach out to Niki to tell her about excitement and how right she was on everything and thank  her again. 


I highly recommend her, she is accurate and gave me more information and a greater sense of peace than I even expected to receive. I am so thankful for her, and my reading."


Intuitive Reading: Christy- California