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San Diego, California

About Niki..
Early Years-

From an early age Niki was often referred to as an "Old Soul" by her family and those close to her. Over the years she continually displayed deep levels of intuitiveness, empathy, and wisdom beyond her years that couldn't be explained. People began to quickly notice this and would often comment that there was something very special about her,  

Later In Life-

Throughout her adolescent and adult life she carried on like most of us with dedicating her time to school, work, family and friends (appearing very normal). She worked hard at everything she did, and had the opportunity to work in many different fields of business with the ability to learn and to connect with others very easily. No matter what field of work she was in, she was always perceived as very likable, compassionate, easy to talk to, and the first person that others would go to for advice related to business and  personal affairs.  Even then she loved to connect with people and help others, bringing her a great sense of joy and purpose.

"I was fortunate enough to have my sudden and great

spiritual awakening that changed my life forever"-

Life changed in 2014-

In 2014 she experienced what some now call  "Enlightenment" or a sudden "Awakening". She describes that all of her gifts she had early on were turned up to astonishing degrees and levels after her awakening, and even caused more gifts to quickly emerge soon after (Ex- increase in abilities of empathy, intuitiveness, psychic knowing, reading and working with energy fields, channeling, and being able to connect with infinite wisdom from the Akashic/ Universal Consciousness/ God/ and Higher-Self). All things that can or are commonly known to occur after one is said to go through an awakening. 

Niki Speaks-

**It is worth mentioning here, that I also experienced almost ALL symptoms that are listed on my home page for countless months leading up to my Awakening. So when I say I understand the pain, confusion, and desperate need for change and help; it is because I went through it all myself (not having anyone to talk to, understand, or able to explain what I was experiencing). Those were tough times in my life and why I'm so passionate about helping others who are suffering with similar symptoms.

After her awakening she would go on a quest for knowledge and self exploration that would later lead her to her current path. This journey lead her down many roads with many different teachers and new found healing techniques that she was exposed to and witnessed heal people physically and emotionally, and improve their lives. One of these techniques she discovered during her exploration was the method called "Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique", developed by Dolores Cannon. After thousands of hours of studying different methods and teachings, she was most impressed by the work and results that people reported from QHHT and wanted to learn more.


"I knew at the time of my Awakening, that the reason for it was

greater than just myself, but to help others"-



So, in 2015 she decided to sign up and get certified in QHHT herself, and described it as another life changing experience and one of the best decisions she would go on to ever make. She then went onto to study and get certified in Reiki, Energy healing, and Intuitive Tarot Reading (and also became an ordained minister- to promote being in service to others of all paths and belief systems, who have also had a recent "Awakening"  to better help guide and assist others).  

Niki explains-

"My purpose is to help people improve their lives by working with them to identify any blocks or limiting beliefs that might need to be released or healed, in order to be the best and most vibrant version of themselves.

Everyday I make a commitment to myself and to those that I help, that I promise that each day forward I will continue to work on my own path of self improvement, expansion, and personal and spiritual growth in order to be my best and most vibrant self ; to give back to the world and be of service to helping others.


With every breath I take and step I make in life, I do it with gratitude, honor, love, and respect for my life and all life around me. Recognizing that positive change does not come on it's own or from an outside source, but it is a responsibility to each and everyone of us to be the change that we want to see in this world. The real work for change, doesn't start outside of us, but rather within us. It's a process of awareness, healing , and self-discovery and empowerment that is only done with conscious effort and sometimes guidance."  


"I am constantly learning and working on things daily to better

myself and expand my own knowledge and awareness 

to give back to others"-


Niki currently lives in San Diego, California where you can find her joyfully at work dedicating her life towards helping empower others on their own path of personal or spiritual growth and self discovery.